Day Four – Milk Jars and Egg Trays

For a while now I’ve had a preference for soy milk, partly because it should be healthier, and mostly because I like the taste better than cow’s milk. Either way, it comes in a fancy tetrapak and that’s a no no.

So today I went to the dairy shop down the road with a glass bottle I had lying around to see about buying milk straight from them by filling the jar when I need it.

The lady said no problem, I could go back tomorrow and pick up my bottle of white juice. I’m so pleased!

[Day 5 Edit: I was totally prepared for a severe dent on my budget for this special service. It’s ok, I told myself. I’m a Strong Independent Single Woman with a job and no one to routinely buy expensive presents for (my family and friends usually get socks and knitted goods from me) so what the hell. I can afford it. 

Oh but no. It turns out the lady didn’t want anything for it! It might’ve just been the shock of a weird person asking for milk in their jar, so perhaps I’ll find out the cost next time.]

Also the main reason I was into this idea is that I have a crush on the guy who makes the cheese and although I know he has a girlfriend I secretly hope to impress him with my ability to reduce my rubbish. I hear that’s a massive turn on for small town Italian men.

And today I was aaaaalmost 100% zero waste, were it not for the fact that I offered my bike-fixing neighbours a coffee and cake and gave them a Paper napkin to wipe their gear-greased up fingers like the awful consumerist hostess that I am. I’ll be more thoughtful next time.

In other news, while I sort out the right soil for the proper thing, this is what my composting facilities currently look like:

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