Day One – Easier said than done!

Within 10 minutes of deciding to try out this challenge, I had to decide to give up on a regular part of my routine: afternoon espresso. At my house in Altamura, this involves using a capsule, which is definitely unnecessary waste. So I didn’t have one.

Immediately, as I sat there, I thought to myself that my beer that evening would have to be on tap, and not from a bottle. Priorities, priorities.

For dinner I cut up some lettuce and added some cherry tomatoes and seeds (from a jar which had probably been filled opening a plastic bag of seeds at some point, but I’ve decided that doesn’t count, it doesn’t make me guilty). Then too,  I didn’t know what to do with my salad cut offs, the soggy brown bits I didn’t want to eat, nor would it be healthy for me to do so. I put them aside while I finished the salad to think about it. I should’ve composted them, but didn’t want to take it back to Bernalda for composting, so instead I threw them out. I decided that for the first day this sort of slip up was ok.

When I went out, and had my tap beer, I really wanted a piadina, but decided against it and resisted because I was pretty sure I couldn’t ask the barman to avoid making any waste in producing it for me. I’m pretty sure restaurers’ waste produced to satisfy me count as my own waste. So I’m not doing that. I gave up the piadina.

And then before bed, without even thinking, I took a cotton pad and doused it in lotion to remove my makeup, only toward the end of the process realizing I’d created rubbish. I think the tiredness and the beer did not help there.


  • Giving up on nutrients and cravings is not necessarily a good thing or a good solution, so should find a way to stop doing that;
  • And must avoid eating out;
  • Being inebriated clouds my judgment with this issue.

3 thoughts on “Day One – Easier said than done!

  1. You could leave your salad cuttings in the garden for a friendly passing rabbit? Then this may morph into a blog about making woodland friends, too?


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    times reading here. Kudos yet agin for all typically the details.


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